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Down But Not Out


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It is impossible not to be emotionally stirred by the shocking confessions by Junior Johnson and Lisa Price.

A brief overview of the novel...

Willie Cooper is on the down and out. He has been dismissed from his longtime job. His new career in professional gambling reveals losses of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars in three months. He has been afflicted with a rare medical condition known to exist only in gamblers. Willie’s symptoms appear shortly after enduring a bad beat and viewing a disturbing nude scene in the movie “Failure to Launch.”

Despite facing huge challenges, Willie refuses to abandon his dream. He reflects on the wisdom imparted by his late great-uncle Willard “The Poet” Cooper. Willard was an American hobo who retired after a satisfying  forty-five-year career. This man of little means introduced Willie to the game of golf. Willard also shared inspiring poems and lessons from the railways of life.

While on the down and out, Willie meets two interesting people at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Junior Johnson, a blackjack professional from Theo, and Lisa Price, a mom to four kids, former Vegas topless dancer, soon become his best friends.

Junior’s dad was the Grand Dragon of the KKK in North Mississippi. Junior and his Mama suffered abuse at the hands of the man described as the meanest SOB in Mississippi. The courage displayed by Junior in confronting his dad is unimaginable. This riveting story is shared by Junior when the best friends spend an evening in the Shack Up Inn in the Mississippi Delta. Their motel room on this emotional night is a slightly upgraded sharecropper shack.

Lisa Price shares her best day this same evening. The story is heart-wrenching and beyond one’s realm of comprehension. The unlikely new friends develop a special bond this cold and energizing night in the Crossroads Shack. They form a team referred to as Willie Boy. The friends travel by car to Vegas to participate in the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

The teammates forge a special connection with the poker fans inside the historic Amazon Room. Gabe Castle, ESPN analyst, says team Willie Boy stirs the fans in a way previously unseen in the tournament’s history. They appeal to the ordinary man and woman. The trio represent all victims of domestic violence and family rejection. By using dance as an expression, team members elicit huge roars and screams from fans offering genuine support. 

Some fascinating characters are the world renown baccarat champion Tung Se Ming and his cousin Tong Ming. The competitors in the WSOP Main Event are stimulating, sexy, and intriguing. Three gorgeous New Age females reach the final table. They are Lin Wang, Jade Garcia, and Anna Ramos from Rio. These feisty professionals refuse to back down to the pompous J.R. Jones from Big D.

Additional players include Johnny Vegas, Phil Crook and the French champion Miguel van de Velde. The action is fast and furious with ultimate trash talking among the competitors. While Junior and Lisa mingle with the fans, Willie holds his own against the best poker professionals in the world. The outcome is surprising, moving, and thought-provoking. 

Join team Willie Boy and the engaging cast of characters on this humorous and inspiring adventure.  

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